• Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. Milan Kundera
  • The mission of the Yancey Humane Society is to shelter, rehabilitate and adopt the stray and unwanted dogs and cats of Yancey County into permanent loving homes, provide compassionate, humane and educational services to improve animal welfare in Yancey County, enhance the lives of companion animals in the community and prevent the cruelty of animals in Yancey County.

    We always seek to reunite cats and dogs with their rightful owners, first and foremost. But failing that, we strive to help them become adoptable animals and place them in the best possible homes.

    We also try to provide support to our animal community by providing free dog and cat food in times of need, thus helping animals remain in their homes and providing low cost spay and neuter programs to county residents.  In addition we offer rabies clinics throughout the year to residents.

  • Our Main Goals

  • To provide immediate safe shelter for our rescued animals where they stay until they are ready to be placed for adoption

  • To provide up to date vaccinations and spaying and neutering services for our rescued animals

  • To help keep people with their pets by donating food and helping them find low cost veterinary clinics

  • To educate the public about proper animal care and pet overpopulation