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Published by PrimalšŸ„Animist

I'm a passionate animist and an active advocate for the solarpunk movement, driven by the belief that every living thing holds a unique and profound essence. I explore ways to live in synergy with nature, nurturing our bodies, minds, and being. From sharing insights on the art of recognizing and honoring the intricate interconnectedness of all beings to building stronger, more compassionate communities, my writings encourage mindfulness and empathy. I talk about the transformative power of embracing the primal lifestyle. I was someone in my 50s, with type-2 diabetes and a host of related illnesses that were taking me down the road to disability. Today, I'm healthier than I was 10 years ago, and every day I feel stronger, more alert, and more focused. I'm not promoting any product, I don't want to sell you any service. I want to openly and freely share my knowledge and experiences with the hope that you can also benefit from them in whatever way serves you best.

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